Virtual Factory  

MYB helps to enter a new dimension of smart engineering. With our approach better paint shop lines can be built by doing simulation and design simultaneously.

This is a complete game changer since simulation is not only a singular step in the life cycle of the paint shop line but provides permanent feedback to improve all operations and even the design of the hardware.

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Virtual Testing

With the help of simulation, we optimize existing facilities and find the best design for new ones. But there is much more: our simulations are a digital twin of the real paint shop line. In the virtual factory partners can do test runs of a facility in full operation. This provides valuable insights for implementing changes, maintenance and scaling up.

What We Do

Concept Design

Schematic Design

Detailed Design

Manufacturing Design

Build Machines & Facilities

  • Pretreatment
  • Washing of cylinder heads
  • Cleaning systems
  • Facilities for automotive industry such as paintshop lines

Why Turkey

ESS is a European software provider with many years of experience and big customers within the automotive industry. With ESS as our partners, we have the vision to provide a broader service to customers including the whole product life cycle of a paint shop line which is smarter by the support of simulation.

In Bursa we found the perfect conditions. Turkey not only has a strong engineering background and a world class education system, but as a country on the rise, provides substantial investments into new technologies. For MYB this is the perfect environment to grow, and be successful and further support the progress of manufacturing leadership.

Benefits We Provide

Improvements in Cost and Quality

Water, Energy & Time Saving

Extended Lifetime

Optimized Automation

Smart Preventive

Prototype Reduction